Using high quality chains and charms, we design and custom fit jewelry to each client. Each piece is mico-welded using industry leading tools creating a clasp-less piece of jewelry that is only as permanent as you'd like it to be! 
Need the ability to remove your jewelry frequently? Don't worry, we can add a clasp for you as well! 

What is Permanent Jewelry?


Permanent Jewelry FAQS

Permanent Jewelry

We pride ourselves in using the very best! 
  • Solid 14k Gold - Precious 
Will never tarnish or change color. 100% solid gold.
  • 14k Gold Filled - Demi Precious 
14k gold bonded over jewelers brass. Regulations require a minimum of 5% 14k solid gold to qualify as gold filled. Tarnish resistant. We never use plated jewelry for our permanent jewelry pieces. 
  • Sterling Silver - Demi Precious
925 Fine Sterling Silver
*We are not responsible for how your body chemistry may react to any materials we use, or any injury sustained while wearing this jewelry. 

What Materials do we use? 


Our prices range from $8 per inch upwards of $40+ per inch

You never have to worry about hunting us down at a pop-up event. Come visit us at our beautiful Experience Boutique! We are located right in the heart of of downtown: 45 E Main St ste 104, Chattanooga, TN 37408. Make an appointment right here on our site or walk-in during our regular business hours. 

HOw much does it cost? 

Where can I have this done? 



Permanent doesn't mean indestructible. Our jewelry is delicate and should be managed as such. Please be mindful when removing other jewelry or cutting off wristbands. Should your jewelry break and you still have the chain, please reach out so we can determine if it can be fixed. If broken and lost, we will extend a one time 10% discount to replace it for the same or lesser value. 
*Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL once the chain is cut for you.  

It's only as permanent as you want it to be! Removing it is easy, simply cut it at the jump ring with small scissors or nail clippers. We will re-weld any of our pieces for free when you're ready to have it placed back on. 

What if it breaks?

What if I need to Remove it? 



  • The minimum age we will pierce is 16 years old. Our 16 and 17 year old clients must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian with government ID and a copy of minors birth certificate. THIS IS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW. 
  • 24 hours with no alcohol intake. 
  • Please enjoy a nutritious snack or meal at least 2 hours prior to piercing.

Pre-Appointment guidelines

Luxury Piercing FAQS

Luxury EAR Piercing FAQS 

We are professionally licensed and inspected by the county health department to pierce. We use only hollow needles, and never a gun to pierce. We only pierce with ASTM F-136 titanium flat back jewelry for initial piercings to minimize the risk of you experiencing allergic reactions. We only use single use, disposable tools to maintain the highest sterilization and safety protocols. We will not use your personal jewelry or hoops for initial piercings.

What makes your service a luxury ear piercing EXPERIENCE?


We love a beautifully curated ear design! We are happy to pierce up to 3 placements per session, per 8 weeks.
See our chart below for placement options:
*Please note that we are not offering Daith or Rook piercings at this time

What Piercing Placements do we offer?


Single $35
Double $60
Triple $85
Plus the cost of jewelry which ranges from $35-50+. We do not charge for downsizing your post of any of our initial piercings when done within our recommended timeframe. There will be a $35 charge beyond that timeframe or for any piercings not done by us.

How Much does it cost?


  • Keep it Clean:
Spray saline over the front & back of your piercing 2-3 times daily. We will provide this for you at the time of your piercing. If you need more, you are welcome to purchase. Do not submerge in water for at least 2 weeks. No pools or oceans. 
  • Sleep Smart: 
Try not to sleep on your piercing while it heals. Use of a travel pillow may help. 
  • No, No's:
Don't twist or rotate your piercing. Don't use anything more harsh than saline to clean with. Don't remove your jewelry during the healing process unless your piercer has advised you to. Don't freak out! Bleeding, swelling, bruising, itching, and crusties are normal. 
  • Snag Free:
Be careful not to snag your piercing on towels & your hair. They can pull out your piercing!

Healing times will vary person to person. On average, lobes take 4-6 months to heal and cartilage may take 6-12 months to heal. 

Aftercare Guidelines

How long will it take to heal?